The purpose of your Brand Clarity work is to... 

:: Provide clarity on your mindset in business and being

:: Learn the visceral why and purpose behind your business 

:: Identify the DNA of your brand  as it relates to your entire business

:: Get crystal clear on your brand pillars (think: vision, mission, values)

:: Learn to apply brand clarity to your business (offer architecture, marketing, design decisions, etc.)

:: Shift your cultural understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur with the anti-hustle mindset

:: Find intentional and joyful expression of self through meaningful work and healthy boundaries

:: Walk away with a marked-up workbook and final blueprint for the long-term future of your brand


 Brand Clarity IS FOR YOU...

:: if you are an ambitious, creative passionpreneur, who wants to get clear on their mission, vision, and brand pillars to find purpose and shine in business and being. 

:: if you are ready to master your mind through self-inquiry, worksheets, action steps, and continuous excavation work to level up from DIY to pro-level branding.

:: if you wrestle with curiosity on how to rev up your life without hustle and extra tabs while creating space and intention for your business to make a meaningful impact.

:: if you are new to brand clarity work and want to make business decisions with visceral gut yeses, lean into your zone of genius, and set yourself up to shine. 

:: if you have been operating on the core logic of hustle, do-it-all, wearing your exhaustion as a badge of honor instead of cleaning up a few proverbial cobwebs to level up.

intentional + deep

Brand clarity is not for the faint-hearted. Know that this work is not going to be easy, but the end result will look like a beautifully distilled brand where you do not question anything you do, but keep moving forward in alignment with your visceral why and purpose.

concise + guided

While most online work requires self-descipline, this brand clarity content is structured to have the perfect cadance of videos, handouts, books, podcast links, and accountability check-ins to keep you on track and progressively build your brand up. 

sustaining + magical

Brand clarity comes from all your hard work completing the modules, but as with everything worth doing in life, you also have to trust the magic of beginnings, lean into the unknown, and believe that the process will guide you to your sustainable future. 

Brand Clarity is NOT FOR YOU...

:: if you are crystal clear on your mission, vision, and values and can recite them off the top of your head (the same exact sentence every time). 

:: if you are crystal clear on your visceral why and purpose of being in business. 

:: if you understand the boundaries of your personal life and business life and can show up fully aware wherever and whenever you are needed.

:: if you are perfectly clear on who your target audience is, what your offer architecture looks like, and what your brand archetype is.

:: if you feel like you need change but will ultimately self-sabotage your success because you don't trust yourself. 

So what is Brand Clarity?

It is a self-guided online masterclass that provides:

:: weekly dripped content (5 modules) and other links and content to always be in alignment / moving forward
:: videos, handouts, homework, books, and podcast links to support everything you are seeing and hearing
:: 30-minute assessment call to evaluate your brand and where you stand before beginning (not required)
:: final blueprint for the future of your brand
:: email support if you have questions


What will I learn in Brand Clarity?

Each week covers a different facet of your brand identity.

Some weeks are more challenging than others, but the work is designed to give you fun stuff and breaks between sifting and heavy lifting so you can love the process all the way. 

week 1 :: 09.28

water :: clarity

Provide clarity on your mindset. Organize your mind to eliminate decision fatigue. Create focus and freedom to pursue the most relevant path for your brand. Tap into your flow of energy to sustainably move forward.

Sections covered: mindset shifts about beliefs + time + space + anti-hustle + ikigai

Remember that you are water.
Cry, cleanse, flow, let go.

week 2 :: 10.04

fire :: purpose

Explore the reason for your brand being. Figure out your inner visceral why, set big, scary, ambitious goals, and get clear on your gut instincts. Step into the fire, adopt and tell your unique story to the world.

Sections covered: goals + storytelling + 5 whys + visual research (mood board)

Remember that you are fire. 
Burn, tame, adopt, ignite. 

week 3 :: 10.11

earth :: brand pillars

Identify the DNA of your brand, and get clear on your brand pillars such as your vision and mission. Observe where you stand amongst the competition. Decide for yourself who you are and root down with confidence.

Sections covered: brand pillars: vision + mission, values + magic, brand archetypes

Remember that you are earth. 
Ground, give, build, heal.

week 4 :: 10.18

air :: positioning

Continue to identify the DNA of your brand, get clear on your brand pillars, and position your company as a whole. Create languaging around your core operating logic and explore the look and feel of your company.

Sections covered: brand pillar: positioning + journey vs. features + tone + voice + look + feel + target audience (client avatar work)

Remember that you are air. 
Observe, breathe, focus, decide.

week 5 :: 10.25

space :: shining

Understand your market you are serving, how to communicate with your audience, create boundaries to manage yourself and your brain. Create space and intention for your business to make a meaningful impact.

Sections covered: marketing + communication + sustainability + anti-hustle + mindset shifts + final one-page blueprint 

Remember that you are spirit. 
Connect, listen, know, be still. 

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Listen, every brand can get cleaned up. Even if yours have changed logos and directions or have messy stories or unclear offerings. If you invest in the foundation and DNA of your brand—it will show up in your products, service, design, and quality of your work. Let me ask you this: from the outside looking in—would you trust your brand if you did not know anything about it?

What do you get?

You will feel that this big, heavy, organizational business mess sitting atop your chest has lifted. You will no longer have decision fatigue. You will feel lighter and happier to regain your purpose and build a solid brand foundation to refer back to. You will make aligned decisions for your business simply and effortlessly every day. You will get various content/teachings on each module. You will have a chance for a 30-minute brand assessment call before the program kicks off (not mandatory to start the course) and have (almost unlimited) access to email support.

Big picture:
:: F
ocus and clarity on your mindset in business and being.
:: Brand blueprint for the future so you can get back to doing what you love. 
:: Crystal clear brand pillars (vision, mission, values, and more) to make aligned decisions and keep moving forward instead of second-guessing yourself. 
:: Online learning environment that pushes you to ask biz questions you have not yet considered. 
:: Connection and purpose to allow your brand to shine sustainably with the right people, tools, services, and look. 

What is your investment?

The work can be completed in five weeks. The masterclass starts Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Anything faster is probably not going to produce deeply settled answers, anything longer than two months is going to feel too watered down. The emails and weekly content drip are in place so you can succeed. You are expected to show up 2-3 times a week, for approximately one hour each time. Your investment financially is $1297. 

Your further commitment:
:: is to be open and coachable 
:: to be willing to take personal responsibility (it's not someone else's business, brand, or mess to fix)
:: to be willing to work hard
:: to have a positive, strong work ethic

The more you are in it—the more you can really put the puzzle pieces together in the most efficient time frame.


"Show up. Do the work. Trust this masterclass and Réka as your guide.

I went through Réka’s brand clarity masterclass in the midst of deciding to rebrand my existing business in a way that felt truer to not only my craft but my heart. I was having a difficult time explaining and bringing to life what I knew had been inside of me for years, and I needed a guide.

The thought-provoking exercises and Réka’s intuitive insight and guidance pushed me through the discomfort of resistance and gave me the clarity and courage to look at and name what was holding me back, who I really, deeply am to my core, and what kind of life and business I want to create.

Now I have a mission, vision, values, and voice that resonate with me and are bringing to life the “me” and the work I always pictured.

Be honest and kind to yourself. Do the work, again, and again, until your vision makes your soul sing. I promise it’s inside of you. It often just takes a wise, kind guide to bring it out."

Katie, owner of Ordinarie Fare

Ready to get clear?

If you think there will be a better time—there won't.

If you think you can wear all the entrepreneurial hats, and also be a super great partner, and parent, and friend—you can't. Not because you are not a magical unicorn, but because you can't build a house without its foundation, and you can't build a brand without its pillars first. 

The moment you anchor into your brand clarity, you will flow in your business with confidence and courage instead of questioning everything to say, every offer to add or change, what your brand looks like visually, and what your core values are. This work will set your business and life free.

Let's set you up for brand brilliance and to shine! Don't you think it's time?

"We put words to things I have been thinking about for a while now.

As a creative, you don't always take the time to analyze your business because you have to grind and get your work done. Over the course of the brand clarity sessions, I was able to peel back all of my thoughts and work patterns, put words to who I really want to be in my business, and stop being everything to everyone. It's quite freeing to actually hone in on those core values! This work has allowed me to focus on my business and create with clarity and courage."

Ben, owner of JRNYMN Productions 

The time is now.

Let's do this.

You scrolled down this far, so let's face it. You already know this is your coveted next step in your business. Click below to transform your business and being by rooting down in your brand clarity. We start Wednesday, September 28, 2022. 


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